To wear fur or not to wear fur, that is the question! The answer to the age old question: I choose to wear FAUX FUR. In some parts of the world, fur coats are a winter essential just to survive the frigid cold, and for some, it’s a total no-no, which is why I spring for the faux stuff!

We’ve seen the hot looks on the runway and I am so happy that designers like Nicole Richie and Pepe Jeans are making good quality and stylish faux furs.

I live in L.A., where the winter is basically like summer. It doesn’t snow or rain much, and coats are used to make a fashion statement. A coat in LA, is an OUTFIT, not necessarily an essential.

This past week, I hosted my company holiday dinner at Rao’s in Hollywood. I noticed it was raining as I was getting ready to hit the road, so I did a quick outfit change. I took out my new House of Harlow jacket from Revolve and did my very own Nicole Richie strut. 

This coat costs around $300( get it here), which can be a little pricey to spend on something you might only wear a few times. However, I was able to find another jacket from for $72. On I saw another fun version by Pepe Jeans for under $200.

I love how designers are now making faux fur jackets in better quality. I always had a problem buying a good faux fur jacket that didn’t look Muppet-like!

It really doesn’t matter what you wear underneath the coat since it’s such a statement piece. What do you guys love most about this look? Leave comments below!

Photos by: @twistimages

Hair by : @Hairbygilbert

Makeup by: @makeupbykristinak