It’s officially been one year since I had my daughter Collette.

The weight loss journey has been intense, but so happy I am back to my original weight.

During my pregnancy I gained over 45 pounds. I wanted to show you guys a timeline of how I lost my baby weight and what diet and exercises I did to make that happen.

This past weekend, I was in Miami for Art Basel and I have to be honestโ€ฆit felt amazing getting into my tiny Moschino swimsuit.

Keep reading to get my secrets.

The first two months of my pregnancy, I didn’t really do a strict diet since I was breastfeeding. Two weeks after having my baby I started taking short walks outside my house. The walks didn’t last longer than 2O minutes.

Month three I started to do a strict vegan diet. My milk production had stopped and since I was not breastfeeding, I decided to get on the Vegan diet. I had done this diet before for 40 days and lost a lot of weight.

For some reason, my body can’t handle the Vegan diet for more than 40 days. Always listen to your body, I feel like it knows best.

So for month three post pregnancy, I did the Vegan diet and did easy hikes around my neighborhood. I also learned how to work out with my daughter. I started to use her as weight and do some fun exercises.

Month four, I stopped doing the Vegan diet and opted to shock my system and do a greens and protein diet.

With this diet, I eat less carbs and more green. I also add protein for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rule is the more green on your plate the better.

I started doing pilates once a week during this time. My body was still soar from the labor so I didn’t want to really push it.

Month Five, I continued to do my greens and protein diet and light hikes mixed with pilates.

Month Six, I visited my friends at Pasadena Skin Boutique where I did Coolsculpting around my waist area.

I documented the process which you can watch below.

Month six, I started to workout with a personal trainer working on specific areas of my bodies. I did a lot of weight training and cardio.

Month six to month ten, I continued the training and my green diet. It was month ten-eleven where I lost the last 10 pounds which was not coming off.

I discovered Shapehouse, which had my last 10-15 pounds melt off. Shapehouse is the best invention of modern times. You lie down in a infrared bed and sweat for 1 hour.

The first time I did it, I felt like I lost 10 pounds in just one session. For two months, I did Shapehouse once a week and saw all my stubborn fat melt away.

I am still on my green and protein diet but I always indulge when I have a craving for something bad. If I am at a restaurant and want to eat carbs, then I go for it. I never deprive myself from anything I want to eat, but I have also learned how to balance my diet. If I indulge one day, I try to make it up the next day by working out and eating more healthier.

Hope you guys can take away something from my weight loss experience. It was a difficult year and a struggle…but nothing thats good in life comes easy. We always need to sacrifice in order to get a good outcome.