I’m SO excited that 2017 is here! I feel like I have been waiting for it with open arms. Actually, I have been dancing my way into the new year, with gold glitter dust trailing behind me!

I saw a cool quote on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you guys. It said, “2015 was practice, 2016 was a warm up and 2017 is game time!” This quote really resonated with me and how I am feeling about the New Year. I am so excited for what is ahead — all the miracles and blessings. 2016 has been one of the most important years of my life. I have learned the most valuable lessons that life can offer about my career, life, friendship and most importantly, my family. I will take this knowledge, (which I believe is newfound strength and power) with me into 2017.

I have been having a lot of conversations with people who have been telling me that 2016 was one of their most tumultuous years of their lives. I believe that no matter how hard life gets, these obstacles are just preparing us for GREATNESS! That is how I look at life, it’s my philosophy: being the ultimate optimist.

I believe that 2017 has 12 new chapters with 365 new chances for everyone. I actually took some time yesterday to give myself a break and look back on my year. I have had some amazing blessings, both good and bad. 

I always look at bad situations as blessings in disguise. I believe in a higher purpose and always believe that you are where you are meant to be at any point of your life. All that you manifest will come true with a lot of focus, hard work, and determination. Of course, there will always be road blocks and people who try to get in your way. My advice on dealing with these types of situations is to realize that they are there for a reason. These road blocks are there to help you learn important lessons, to grow as an individual, and get stronger. 

For 2017 it’s game time! Let’s all move into a year filled with new beginnings, new accomplishments, new adventures, and the possibilities of meeting new people. 

So, cheers to 2017, which I feel like is going to be a golden year. Which is why I decided to do this fun photo-shoot with the “gold theme” where I was literally drenched in gold. I wanted to go BIG for you guys here on my new and improved blog. I gave my blog a true Hollywood-style face lift, fillers, and a lot of botox LOL. 

For this photoshoot, I have some special pictures that I have prepared for you guys that I will be posting on the 1st of the year. So check back Monday to check out the fun pics and learn about what products I used to get this golden look. I hope everyone enjoys their New Years Eve! Let’s all dance into an amazing year! I LOVE YOU ALL!


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