There’s a new celebrity weightless obsession in Hollywood and the best part about it is that you don’t need to work out to break a sweat.

I discovered Shapehouse through word of mouth. All my celeb friends in Hollywood were talking about how it helped them lose those stubborn pounds. I was struggling loosing the last 15 pounds of my pregnancy weight, so I decided to give Shapehouse a try.

The infrared technology burns calories in a simple way. This sweat lodge is a favorite of Selena Gomez and Lea Michele where they shed off extra pounds and improve their skin using these beds. Honestly, when I started using the beds once a week for a span of two months, I noticed that not only was I loosing weight but my skin was glowing. Not to mention, I was starting to sleep a lot better and felt like I was sweating not only fat, but my stress too.

The secret is to perspire. You don’t have to work out to do this, but actually rest in the bed while you watch your favorite TV Shows. I usually like watching my show on Amazon Prime. The process takes about an hour and you walk out feeling like you were swimming in sweat. Check out the video coverage I did on my experience with Shapehouse. I also sit down with the creator Sophie Cliche to get her thoughts on why Shapehouse has become such a big sensation in Hollywood.