How to get your skin glowing? How to have flawless skin and not look so exhausted?

I recently was asking this question to myself as I was looking at the mirror to a very tired face. I was coming off of the Golden Globe awards and to be honest, I have been nonstop since the New Year. Not to mention, I am juggling being a mom and a girl boss.

I felt that no matter what products I put on my face, nothing was working. I needed a miracle and I am not talking about La Mer. Just a side note, I did try La Mer on my face for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still no glow.

I know sleep and drinking enough water is key to helping your skin look rejuvenated. Unfortunately, I needed a formula that could help a working mom look like she’s slept for days, even if she hasn’t. I am a big coffee drinker and decided to quit one of my favorite things in addition to help my skin. I decided to have an inter-facetion with my self.

I googled what I could do to help my skin glow. I did some research for over two days and found out that it’s not only what you apply on your skin externally that helps, but what you put inside your body. Nutrition is key in helping your skin. This is something I tend to ignore and really believe that a $100 jar of moisturizer is the answer to my question.

So, I got together a recipe with nutrients that I like and created a glow kit in a jar. I also filmed the process for you guys where I explain in detail why some of the fruits and veggies I use are beneficial to your skin.

I’ve been drinking this soothie for the past two weeks daily and I am seeing major changes with my skin. Check out my video and you guys let me know what you think.