Ladies, let’s talk eyes!

There are so many all-in-one, multi-use, everything-you-need-is right-here products out there on the market and sometimes it’s hard to know what really works. As a mom, I don’t really have time to try many products. I just need to know which products work and I am all over it!

Personally, I am tired of falling for all the gimmicks. I just want to use a product that has multi-purpose and will give me the look I want as quick as possible!

Recently, I had my good friend MAC Cosmetics Senior Makeup Artist John Stapleton, give me a tutorial on how to use eyeliner to do a fun smokey eye look. The eyeliner has a weird shape and is not like other liners we have seen on the market. The product is called a Kajal and has been around for over a thousand years.

This product was first created in the Egyptian cultures. I think the MAC Cosmetics product creators found the eyeliner in the tombs of Cleopatra. Just kidding! However, the product does look pretty magical — it looks like a wand more than an eyeliner!

John and I did a fun tutorial for my show, StyleLab, and it literally took 5-minutes to give me a smokey look. All you need is the eyeliner and a soft brush! John got a little more creative by using the Mariah Carey eyeshadow palette to spice up the look. In my opinion, you can just get away with the eyeliner. John also added a fun gloss to give me the wet makeup look, which is really hot right now. Check out the fun video to see how the Kajal works and how you can create the look with zero effort!

For a working mother like myself, I have 5-minutes to get ready and get out the door for work. Products like this are amazing because I don’t need to put in too much time. With just one pen, I can have a smokey eye makeup red carpet worthy look!