Bianca Balti is gorgeous, sweet and H I L A R I O U S!

I had the opportunity to have the Dolce & Gabbana and L’Oreal model Bianca Balti stop by my talk show (YOUTUBE) to talk about her latest quest: Sports Illustrated’s “Rookie of the Year” award.

Ahead of the release of the bikini bible’s annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, this Italian princess is vying to win your votes!

Bianca played a fun game with me called “What’s In Your purse?” It was interesting to see what the sexiest woman in the world has in her Dolce and Gabbana bag! Bianca is also a mother of two and knows exactly what it’s like to be a working mom on the go. She had some great tips for me on how to look good after two babies and how to handle it all! What I absolutely love most about Bianca, though, is her personality! She’s super funny, sweet, and just an overall joy to be around.

Bianca makes a strong case for winning the 2017 “Rookie of the Year” award, where online voters pick their favorite bikini babes. If you want to vote for Bianca CLICK HERE.

Check out our fun video and I want to know: What do you guys keep in your purse? Let me know in the comments!