This past week, I took Collette on a play date with her friend Natalia to Au Fudge, a restaurant in LA that I’ve been DYING to go to! It was my first time there and to be honest, I was more excited than Collette was to finally check out this baby-friendly restaurant!

Jessica Biel, who owns the spot, has done great job making the restaurant chic enough for parents to go without their kids and baby friendly enough to go with their kids and have a great lunch — win/win if you ask me!

Play date at Au Fudge! How cute are they?!

The whole restaurant is baby-proof and there’s even a closely monitored nursery where you can drop off the kids so they can play while you enjoy a bite to eat. What a genius idea, right? Although, with Collette being a year and a half, leaving her in the nursery and me enjoying a lunch is almost impossible! However, we had so much fun having the kids play drums inside the nursery, color, and play with toys, it was all worth it!

You can never go wrong with the avocado toast here! Soo good.

Another great thing about Au Fudge is that the menu is vegan friendly, which I was so excited for since I decided to go vegan for Lent this year. Trust me, it’s definitely a lifestyle change and shock, but I’m really enjoying all of the added benefits of cutting out all animal byproducts from my diet. Also, since the restaurant prides itself on being baby and kid-friendly, the food is baby-couture-cuisine at it’s finest! From chicken nuggets to mac ‘n’ cheese, they’ve got it all!

We sat outside, which was so much fun — I love that in LA, the weather is basically always perfect; plus, I was getting some low-key Hampton vibes with how the outdoor space was decorated, so we just couldn’t say no to sitting out on the patio.

How pretty is this patio?

Collette had so much fun with Natalia that we can’t wait to go back for our next play date! To be honest, I might even go back without the baby since the food and ambiance was so good!

Here are some fun pics from Collette’s play date. If you guys know if any cool spots like this in LA, please leave in comments section since I am dying to go!

Our little big eaters!

I can’t get over how great the food is here!

This nursery idea is genius!

We had so much fun at Au Fudge! Can’t wait to go back!