Often I get asked how I have built my Instagram following and what advice would I give others to slay the Instagram game. It isn’t JUST social media anymore — Instagram has become people’s portfolios and websites; seriously, anytime I look up someone, I don’t check out their website. I ask for their Instagram page. In fact, you can learn a lot about a person or their work and business through their Instagram page. It’s no longer about just posting to post — Instagram has become a great tool to network, make money, and build your brand. Here are my top tips on how you can build your brand on Instagram!

Tell Your Story

It’s important to tell your story on Instagram and let people know who you are. Have your followers step inside your world, from what you had for breakfast to who you hung out with for lunch and what your outfit was when you went out for date night! Let everyone into your own unique world!

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Be Authentic

It is very important for you to be YOU. Don’t try to be something you’re not — it’ll come across as fake! Authenticity is key and the fakes are easy to spot!

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Don’t Over Post

Some people think that the more you post, the more people will like your photos or follow you. It’s actually the opposite! It’s important to have a designated time everyday that you post a pic. This will have your audience and followers in routine for your posts! Everyone will know that you always post a certain time during the day and it creates excitement and anticipation.

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Get Creative With Your Photos

Don’t just post to post something. Be creative and have fun with your pics! Think of yourself as a filmmaker and your Instagram page is a movie about your life. Each picture needs to tell you a story of your “movie.”

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Post Pictures That Are Right For Your Brand

If you are a chef, post pics of what you make in the kitchen. Your followers are most likely following you because they want to see recipes of your food and pictures of what you made for dinner; not your pedicure if you are a chef posting pics about food. Makes sense, right?

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Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your posts! Life is about living and enjoying great moments, and Instagram is just a way to preserve those memories!