Jessica Hall is a true #momtrepreneur!

She’s a mother to her beautiful daughter Sophie (in her terrible two’s), who just launched her new mommy blog called and is the star of the hit WE TV “Kendra On Top”.

Jessica and I have been friends for years. I met her when I did her radio show a couple of years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. She is my girl I call when I have questions about babies, pregnancy and anything related to being a sleepless mom. It’s interesting, because we were pregnant at the same time for our first pregnancy and now months apart for our second.

I recently had Jessica on my show #Mommydiaries for my Youtube Channel, where she opened up about the hardships of being pregnant again. I am halfway through my second pregnancy and I have to admit that I am so overwhelmed. From running after my daughter Collette to running a business, to hosting my online talk show. It’s always refreshing talking to another mom who is going through the same emotions as I am. Exhaustion and excitement!

Check out our amazing interview in this post. Also, if you are pregnant let me know in the comments section what obstacle you struggle with!