This year has been unlike any other year for me.

Today I am celebrating life…my birthday and all my amazing accomplishments. This year God has given me so many blessings and I am beyond grateful. As I am typing this post, I am almost 6 months pregnant with my second child and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Since my last birthday, I have been on a path of spiritual growth. I just felt burned out from everything that was happening in my life, tired of all the disappointments and the repetitive situations that I kept dealing with. Change was necessary…

I knew I had to change things in my life, but first…I had to change myself. So, throughout the last year I started applying the following #7 steps in my life in order to find fulfillment. I am going to be honest, I feel like I had a rebirth this year and it feels really good!

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. Buddha

My 7 Secrets of Happiness:

Let me just say this now, it took me a long time to get to this point where I started living more and fearing less. I realized that I had to drop the obligations, stop sweating the small stuff and start enjoying life more with the people that mattered most to me. So I started to hold back from the social scene and was very selective on what activities I did and who I did it with.

A way to “enjoy life” is to live in the present. I started to be more present in what I was doing in the moment instead of being so caught up of what I had to do the next day. I started putting my phone away so I wasn’t so caught up on what other people were doing on social media. If I was having dinner with my husband, family or friends…I would put my phone on the side. I would check it every so often in case there was an emergency. For the most part, my phone was off and believe me…it’s fun having conversations with people instead of your phone.

3)DON’T COMPETE WITH OTHERS: You are YOU and that’s YOUR power. I felt like I was in this rat race and constantly chasing something. I realized that what others do is not apart of my journey. I can only focus on myself and what works for me. A lot of people talk to me about what other people are doing. Whether it’s on social media, life or in business. My answer is very simple, that is not my journey. It was amazing hearing Jimmy Iovine’s advice in the Defiant Ones. “When you’re a race horse, the reason they put blinders on these things is because if you look at the horse on the left or the right, you’re going to miss a step. That’s why the horses have blinders on. And that’s what people should have. When you’re running after something, you should not look left or right — what does this person think, what does that person think? No. Go.”

4)KEEP YOUR CIRCLE SMALL: A big lesson I learned in the last year is to only surround yourself with people that are going to lift you higher. When you get rid of the deadweight in your life, you begin to fly. In the last year I started distancing myself from people or situations that I felt was not helping me serve my purpose. Who you surround yourself with is very important. If you surround yourself with negative people, you are more inclined to act negative. Quality friendships over quantity.

5)STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF: It’s very easy to get caught up in this saturated world. I came to a point where I felt like I had lost my identity. Whether it’s the industry I am in or social media. I literally had to take a step back, ask myself who I am and figure out how I can shine better just by being myself. I took time off from the social scene and really focused on my core being. Who am I and what am I meant to do here in this world. How am I fulfilling my purpose and if I am not, how can I do it? I noticed when I took time off from people and events, I was able to see clearly. I used to always be stuck in the rat race…now I feel like I am leading my own race and I love it.

6)SOCIAL CLEANSE: I want to talk about this more since I did social cleansing this year. I used to be that person that I felt like I had to be everywhere at all times. Now, as a mother I realize that time is valuable. If it doesn’t make sense, I will not be leaving my daughter or husband and leaving the house. It needs to make sense for me to be involved with a project. It’s quality over quantity. With my work especially, I just don’t have time to waste on projects that don’t make sense to me.

7)ONLY OPINION THAT MATTERS IS YOURS: This is a hard one since I am such a people pleaser. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point where I just don’t care what other people think of me. The second you start caring is when you get in trouble. For some reason others thoughts takes over you and you find yourself living for others, other than yourself. This past year, I had to make a lot of decisions with the conscious effort that I knew there would be people talking about me negatively. To be honest, my happiness is all that matters to me and I had to take that risk to not care about others thoughts.