Hey loves!

So excited to have you guys back on my BLOG. This is where I like to get candid and open up about my personal life.

Lately I just don’t feel beautiful. I am 33 weeks into my pregnancy and about 40 pounds in. I try my best to get it together with my looks, especially since with my job I must always be red carpet ready. However, I just don’t feel good. I don’t feel my best and my confidence has been very low.

Even when I get dolled up, my back and pelvic pains are so intense that I can’t even feel good.

Recently, I was getting ready for a shoot for US Weekly. They are doing a feature on me which I can’t wait to share with you guys….OH HEY!!! I had celebrity makeup artist Kip Zachary do my makeup and I must confess…it had been a long time that I felt good about myself. He contoured the L I F E out of my face and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Is that pre-pregnancy Diana I kept asking myself when looking at the mirror. I almost forgot what I looked like pre-pregnancy.

I asked Kip if he could share his contour secrets on how to make your face look slimmer. We did a fun tutorial for my youtube channel where he shows me step by step how to contour my pregnancy face.

These tips are great for expecting moms out there and for anyone out there that wants to get their contour game on for their gram. We actually used KKW cosmetics products to contour my face which was super fun. It was my first time using Kim Kardashian’s products and I am totally obsessed with it. Check out the video below.