Hey Loves!

I am so happy to announce that the beauty competition series Glam Masters has a official air date in February! I am so proud and honored to be working alongside Glam Queen Kim Kardashian on this project. The project has been three years in the making and so happy it has an amazing home like Lifetime. The team at Lifetime and Shed Media have been amazing partners bringing this show to life.

I also have some more good news, Emmy award nominee Laverne Cox will be hosting the show. Laverne kills it and I can’t wait for you guys to watch the show and see her in action. It was so much fun being on set and seeing her bring her magic to this show. The competition reality series will also feature makeup guru Mario Dedivanovic, beauty blogger Kandee Johnson and fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi as judges.

The show is M A J O R and is nothing like anything we have seen on TV. So proud of everyone who has been apart of this project and can’t wait for you guys to finally see it!!!

The winner gets to work with Kim Kardashian on an amazing grand prize which I can’t reveal yet!! You guys have to tune in to find out which beauty influencer wins and what they take home away.

I am so happy that this show is allowing amazing, talented artists have an opportunity to shine outside of social media with their talent. I met such amazing contestants throughout the filming and learned that we are in the forefront of a beauty revolution and it’s such an amazing time to be involved with the beauty industry.

This is just the beginning beauty mavens…more to come!!!