Walking into three weeks of being a mother of two and I must say, this is HARD.

I am pretty good at multi-tasking and thought that I would be able to handle two kids pretty well. Little did I know that I would be feeling like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time.

Being a mother is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Every single time I feel stressed out and sad, I look at my kids and get this overwhelming feeling of joy. I am so blessed to have two healthy kids and feel stupid even complaining. However, I always like to be honest and two kids is twice as hard as one.

Some things I have learned throughout the last three weeks that I want to share to anyone who is expecting their second child or just had a baby.

1)Forget about Sleep:
Sleep is a luxury with two children. Even if you have help, it’s difficult juggling both. One thing I have learned is that when one baby cries, it starts a symphony of tears with the whole family. It’s like a chain reaction to have the second child start crying. For some reason, every night when I put my kids to sleep….the sleepy tears symphony starts playing.

2)Sibling Jealousy Exists:
From stealing pacifiers to acting out to get more attention. One thing I am learning is to include my oldest child in all our activities with the newborn. From feeding to changing diapers. I am even having Collette help pick out Christian’s clothing.

When it comes to raising a family, teamwork is necessary among couples. From one parent juggling one child to having anyone in the family come over to help out. I have been very fortunate to have an army of people to help me out. However, no matter how much help you get…at the end of the day the child always wants their mother. It’s hard juggling how much attention I am giving my two kids, dog and yes even my husband.

4)Take all the help you can get:
No matter how much I feel like I have everything under control, I never say no to help. When my mother calls to ask if I need help, I always say yes. You just don’t know what can happen in a matter of minutes. I am also trying to take at least 30 minutes to an hour to have quiet time.

5)Enjoy these Moments:
My mother told me to enjoy the moments from the good, stressful and bad. She told me that kids grow up so fast and I will miss these days. To be honest, I can’t believe that Christian is already three weeks old. As I have stepped away from him to write this post, I have realized how much I missed him already. It’s literally been 15 minutes….ohhhh to be a mother!

Also wanted to share these fun new photos of Christian that my good friend Oxana Alex took the other day.