Erika Jayne Opens Up to Diana Madison About Her Too Faced Makeup Collab

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Erika Jayne is my spirit animal. No joke. Everything she wears, her attitude, her wardrobe—everything she does, I love! Erika Jayne, aka Erika Girardi, started her career on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But now she’s  expanding her empire into cosmetics. She’s created her very own makeup collection with Too Faced Cosmetics, and let me tell you something: It’s…


Indian Wedding Glam By @DressYourFace

Beauty May 6, 2019 No Comments

I have always been fascinated by Indian weddings. There’s something so beautiful about the hair, makeup and wedding dress that an Indian bride will wear on her big day. I told my good friend Tamanna Roashan (@dressyourface), one of the most famous makeup artists in the world, about my obsession with Indian weddings, and she had a great idea to…


How To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores With 6 Easy Tips

Beauty December 4, 2018 2 Comments

I recently got a message on Instagram asking me how I clean my pores. That’s a great question because I have an allergic reaction to pores. Especially lately, since I wear so much makeup, I realized that I’ve got to step up the maintenance when it comes to pore-cleansing. When I was doing research recently on how I can diminish…


Why I Cut My Hair Short and How I Style It!

Beauty October 5, 2018 5 Comments

As a mom of two children under the age of 3, my life gets pretty chaotic. So every second I to spend with my kids is extremely valuable. To make the most of my time with them, I’m always looking for ways to be more time-efficient in other areas. That includes hair maintenance and styling. I don’t have room on…



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Ever since I started on my journey to create a skincare line, I’ve researched a lot about what actually goes into products. This all started two years ago when I had just given birth to Collette. For some reason, I started to get crazy breakouts on my skin. I used a certain makeup product by a certain brand, and my…