A Show That Teaches Kids Good Values: ‘True and the Rainbow Kingdom’

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It’s hard finding the perfect shows for my kids to watch. With toddlers, it’s not just about being entertained but educated too. Take “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” for example. I grew up watching that show, and it inspired me in many ways and taught me solid values I still carry with me. A show that my daughter Collette loves to watch…


Summer Travel: 10 Packing Essentials

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I went on a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii, last week with my husband and two children. Unlike past trips we took before we had kids, I couldn’t pack as much because I had to devote some luggage space to stuff the kids needed. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t still bring a few must-haves with me. Here are my…


The Truth About Breastfeeding

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My mother says that, when I was born, hospital staff told her to use formula instead of breast milk. Thirty years later, things have changed. Now there’s so much pressure for new moms to breastfeed. I felt the pressure hard when my daughter Collette was born more than two years ago. Everyone from family and friends to complete strangers would…


How to Pack Like a Pro For a Weekend Getaway

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I am the type of person that usually takes two suitcases for a weekend getaway. Recently I decided that I was not going to drag excess clothes, shoes, and makeup with me because it gets tiring carrying all that “excess baggage”, especially when I am traveling with two kids. This past weekend, I went away with the family to Manhattan…


“Me Time” Is Essential to Staying Sane

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Finding “me time” as a working mother can be rough. I’ve learned some tricks on how you can bring the spa to your house and even spend 20 minutes to yourself to feel refreshed. Bath  One thing I love to do is take a nice salt bath. The salt helps your body calm down and detoxes all negativity that you…


How I Spent My Mothers Day

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I want to tell you about my Mother’s Day weekend. On Friday, I participated in a panel called “Dear Mamma,” hosted by rapper YG and my favorite fashion brand, Revolve. YG created the event as a dedication to his mother, who is a working mom. At the event, people asked me a lot of questions about being a working mother….


7 Things I Have Learned About Being A Mom

Family May 11, 2018 9 Comments

1) Start by having a child’s attitude It’s important to start looking at life just like your infant does. When I wake up in the morning lately…I have the look of…oh no…here we go again. When my daughter or son wake up, they are excited to take on the world…they have the biggest smiles on their face. The more we…