Gateway to Heaven : Hawaii

Personal July 2, 2019 No Comments

This past month, I went on a family getaway to Oahu. I hadn’t been down there sine I was a little girl. It was emotional for me to be there again because the last time I was there, it was with my parents. In Hawaii, I remembered all the amazing times I had with my father, who no longer is…


How To Make Gratitude A Lifestyle

Lifestyle, Personal November 22, 2018 3 Comments

The day of gratitude is here, so many of us will make a point of being thankful today on Thanksgiving. But I’ve made an effort to implement gratitude in my life every day over the last year. So here are the benefits I’ve enjoyed from practicing daily gratitude: Gratitude This year, I got myself a gratitude journal. Every morning, no…


Millenial Moms: Changing The Game of Motherhood

Personal September 26, 2018 3 Comments

With the latest surge of working mothers — I call us “mompreneurs” — older generations keep asking us what’s going on. My own grandfather, who’s in his 80s, asked me recently, “Why are you working? You just had your second baby, and your husband works. Let him take care of the bills.” I’m happily married millennial mom, and my partner…


Always Evolve: How I Got Into Acting

Personal September 21, 2018 No Comments

Last week, I announced on social media that I was off to New York to film my first movie, “Apalachin.” It’s an indie feature directed by Danny A. Abeckaser from a script penned by Abeckaser and Jon Carlo. It tells the true story of New York state trooper Ed Croswell (David Arquette), who, in November 1957, foiled the infamous Apalachin…


5 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Personal May 10, 2018 No Comments

Something my followers ask me all the time is, “How are you so confident?” The truth is, it’s taken me a long time to get to a place where I’m confident in my skin. I wanted to share some tips on how I’ve learned to boost my confidence and get myself to where I am today. 1. LOOK FLY When…